Dahal hopeful of nat'l consensus after budget endorsement

POKHARA: The CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said national consensus would materialise as soon as the Parliament endorsed the budget announcement for fiscal year 2016/17.

Addressing a press meet organised by the Press Centre Nepal, Kaski chapter, in Pokhara today, leader Dahal argued that national consensus was required for the implementation of Constitution, resolution of the existing problems and propelled post-earthquake reconstruction among other issues.

He stated that an understanding was also reached with the CPN-UML for forming a national consensus government after the government's policies and programmes and the budget were passed by the parliament.

Stating that he was not in a hurry to become the prime minister of a majority government, the CPN Maoist Centre Chairman said that the person on whose name the national consensus could be forged would lead the government.

Leader Dahal also stated that the Constitution implementation was challenging and therefore national consensus was required for addressing demands of the Madhesi parties and other pressing issues.

He claimed that his party would be stronger with the unity among the different Maoist parties.

Press Centre Nepal's Kaski Chairman Deepak Pariyar had chaired the press meet.

(With inputs from the Rastriya Samachar Samiti)