Dahal-Nepal faction of NCP selects Ashtalakshmi Shakya as Bagmati Province's parliamentary party leader

KATHMANDU: Dahal-Nepal faction of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has selected Ashtalakshmi Shakya as the parliamentary party leader of Bagmati Province.

The decision was made at the faction's meeting held in Paris Danda that housed the headquarters of former CPN-Maoist Centre, in the capital city. Presently, the position belongs to chief minister of the province, Dormani Paudel.

A no-confidence motion has been registered against the Bagmati Province government. As many as 46 members of the provincial assembly belonging to Dahal-Nepal faction of the party registered the motion.

The group also forwarded leader Shakya’s name as the new Chief Minister.

Current Chief Minister Dormani Paudel belongs to the faction led by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

At present, there are 80 lawmakers in the Bagmati Provincial Assembly of which 34 including the Speaker belong to the Oli faction while remaining 46 including Deputy Speaker belong to the Dahal-Nepal faction.