Dahal-Nepal faction urged to accept election for party unity


Deputy Prime Minister and NCP leader Ishwor Pokhrel said there was still the possibility of party unification.

DPM Pokhrel said this while addressing the cadres’ meet organised at Birtamod in the district today.

As the party has not split on a legal basis but only in essence, there is still the chance of party unification.

“But for that to happen, the political document against Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli should be withdrawn,” he added. “Acceptance of election scheduled for April 30 and May 10 by the Dahal-Nepal faction was another condition for party unity,” he argued. “If the party is not unified, then the party led by Oli will be the authentic one,” he said.

DPM Pokhrel further said there was no reason for the party to worry about the election symbol ‘Sun’ and its authenticity.

Addressing the party cadres and leaders, he said, “The party led by PM Oli is the authentic Nepal Communist Party. So, you need not worry about it.”

He also accused Dahal-Nepal faction of creating hurdles that led to dissolution of the Parliament.

“The Election Commission has already begun preparation for elections,” he said, adding, “The Dahal-Nepal faction is trying to obstruct the elections fearing loss.”