Dahal stresses consensus

Dhangadi, June 11

Chairman of CPN Maoist Centre Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said that a national unity government would be formed under the leadership of a person who is able to forge consensus among the major political parties.

Speaking at a press meet organised in Dhangadi of Kailali, Dahal said there was a gentleman’s agreement between his party and CPN-UML to constitute a national consensus government after presentation of budget in the Parliament.

“The two parties have agreed to form a consensus government under the right leader who can lead the country towards the path of development and  economic prosperity. If I am able to forge consensus, I am ready to head the new government,” said Dahal, adding, “But should any other leader stand up to the task and succeed in forging consensus among the political parties and heads the new government, I will have no problem and will accept that leadership wholeheartedly.”

Dahal clarified that his party would not be involved in the making and unmaking of the government.

Stating that national unity and consensus was the need of the hour, Dahal stressed on forming a national consensus government without any delay.

He said only a national consensus government can settle the issues raised by the agitating Madhes based parties and other disgruntled groups.

Meanwhile, CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal was stuck in a lift at Chatpur of Dhangadi on Saturday.

The leader was stuck in the lift for three minutes while he was using it to participate in an interaction programme on the fifth floor of a building.

After the door of the elevator did not open, Maoist cadres broke open the door and rescued Dahal.