Daily consumables’ price skyrocket as rainfall blocks Far-West rural roads

BAJURA: Rural roads in hilly districts of the Far-Western Development Region were obstructed due to incessant rainfall this week, blocking supplies of basic needs to various villages.

The price of daily essentials skyrocketed in villages of Bajura, Achham and Bajhang districts due to the short supply.

Local trader in Kolti Bazaar, a business centre in northern Bajura, Anil Shahi, said market price of daily consumables has increased by around 30 per cent in the area.

Meanwhile, Rugin Bichhanya village of the district is reeling under shortage of rice and salt.

Various road sections along the Sanphe (Achham)-Martadi (Bajura) road were blocked by landslips.

Likewise, vehicular movement has been impossible along more than a dozen road sections in Achham district including Sanphe-Payal, Sanphe-Budhakot, Jayagadh-Nandegada and Mangalsen-Binayak due to a number of landslides.

Pubic bus service along the Mangalsen-Surkhet road was shut as the water level significantly increased in the Karnali River.

As the roads are not upgraded for years, vehicular movements get obstructed in the region every monsoon.

Two municipalities and 50 VDCs of Achham district are connected to the road network while only 11 VDCs of Bajura have access to roads.