Dalit body appointments irk leaders

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 27:

Dalit leaders expressed dissatisfaction over the appointment of members to the vacant posts of the National Dalit Commission claiming the appointments were doled out just to provide jobs to party cadres of the government.

“The commission is like the earlier one — without executive power,” said Padam Lal Biswokarma, president of Dalit Liberation Society, adding the Dalit community had not expected anything better from people who are not involved in Dalit movements. Biswokarma said the government had failed to include representatives from the most suppressed Dalit communities like the Badis, Dums, Chamars, Podes and Chyames.

Calling today’s appointments as government ploy to provide jobs to party cadres, Jagaran Media Centre’s president Suvash Darnal said, “All those appointed today are ‘immature’ in terms of their experience in Dalit movement.”