Dalits should launch organised protest for their rights: CM Raut

Siraha, May 26

Province 2 Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut today said that the Dalit community needed to launch organised protest for their rights.

Addressing a Dalit assembly in Lahan, Siraha, today, Raut said that no one got rights without protest in the world. “The Dalits have to raise their voice for rights,” he added. Raut added that as a CM he was not supposed to speak such words, but that was the reality.

“There is no option but to unite for the Dalits’ rights,” he said. Raut further added that the state had give rights to the Dalits to ensure social justice. “Development is not possible without ensuring social justice,” he said.

At the programme, Dalit Stakeholders Forum Nepal Chairman YuktiLalMarik submitted the Lahan declaration, which was prepared after collecting suggestions from the participants of the programme.

As many as 120 participants, including Dalit members of parliament, elected Dalit representatives, cadres and leaders of different political parties and right activists, among others, participated in the programme.