Dalits to give memo to SPA, Maoists

Kathmandu, September 27:

The meeting of the Joint Dalit Struggle Committee (JDSC) held here today decided to submit a memorandum to the seven political parties and the Maoists seeking solution for the Shaileswori incident.

Claiming that the committee formed by the Home Ministry could not address the issues raised by the struggle committee, the meeting decided to give continuity to the ongoing protest programmes after the Dashain festival. The release issued here today by the JDSC states that all protest programme wo-uld be halted from today.

Some 50 people, including Dalits, were injured when non-Dalits attacked them while they were trying to enter the Shaileswori temple situated in Silgadi of Doti district. The committee has been organising various protest programmes demanding that the government create favourable environment for the displaced and terrorised Dalits to return to their homes and punish the culprits. They have also demanded that the government should create suitable environment for all the Dalits to worship at any temple of the country.