Damauli faces ghee shortage after milk production falls

Tanahun, July 20:

Damauli bazaar has been facing a shortage of ghee for the past one week. Housewives say they have been using vegetable ghee to prepare food due to the shortage of pure ghee in the market.

According to dairy entrepreneurs, decrease in milk production in the district has caused ghee shortage. Tanahun District Dairy Cooperative Limited (TDDCL) said the milk shortage was to blame for the shortage of ghee.

A TDDCL official, Baburam Mishra, said the production of milk has gone down to 1,000 litres per day from 3,000 litres.

TDDCL members said that they were importing ghee from Bijaya Dairy of Mangalpur in Chitwan to cope up with the shortage. However, residents in Damauli said they were still not finding the ghee in the market in desired quantity.