Dance restaurants to close: Gautam

Kavre, September 9:

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam today said those officials, who fail to punish the guilty, would be booked and the home administration and police would leave no stone unturned to restore rule of law. He also said dance reatsurants in the capital would be closed within a few days.

Speaking at the 24th district convention of the All Nepal National Free Students’ Union, Kavre, at Panauti today, Gautam said, “During my term at the home ministry, I would not tolerate any corruption.” He claimed that the people would feel a sense of security within six months.

He claimed that security situation had improved and traffic chaos in the capital had eased after he took over the home ministry.

He added all dance restaurants in the capital would be shut within a few days.

He said controlling smuggling, closing unlicensed hotels and restaurants and punishing gamblers and casinos were his priorities.

He also asked party cadres not to indulge in any illegal activity.

On the occasion, central president of the ANNFSU Thakur Gaire said that the government should focus on education, health and employment.