Unshielded wires put life at risk in Tanahun

DAMAULI: Locals from around 300 houses of Shantinagar, Byas Municipality-10 are in danger with unshielded wires dangling over them after the old wooden utility poles fell.

Even though the unshielded wires are threatening the lives of the people, officials of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) are ignorant of the whole situation, leaving the locals agitated.

Locals have blamed the officials for their negligence and ignorance as they state that they have filed many applications for the same.

The NEA has turned a deaf ear to the requests for installation of cemented poles and re-sheathing of those wires.

Meanwhile, the NEA has stated that the new poles will be installed very soon. Chief District Officer Mahadev Pantha also seconded the assurance.