Itahari, October 6:

This year, Nepalis in Darjeeling of West Bengal state of India celebrated Dashain with much enthusiasm.

They worshipped Goddess Durga and also set up linge pings (swings), the symbol of Dashain celebrations, which they had not been doing in previous years. Nepalis there said that they felt that this year’s Dashain was like actual Dashain.

According to Manoj Regmi

of Dudhiya in Mirik subdivision of Darjeeling district, the number of Nepalis sporting red Tika and Jamara was plenty on the day of Vijaya Dashami.

Regmi further said, “Travelling to and from Nepal is not as troublesome as before, and there were a number of people who visited their relatives across the border this Dashain.”

Ramesh Rai of Dudhiya said a large number of people travelled across the border this year due to improved security and the peaceful political situation in Nepal.

Saying that even distant relatives came to Darjeeling for receiving Tika this Dashain, Rai said, “The number of those going to Nepal from here to receive Tika this Dashain was quite large.”

Nepalis in Darjeeling said this Dashain they got to meet all those relatives whom they

hadn’t met for years due to the Maoist conflict.

Muralidhar Sharma of Morang, who went to his in-laws’ place in Darjeeling after seven years, said: “Previously, I used to fear coming here due to hassles on the border but this year so many people like me came to Darjeeling for Dashain.”

Most Nepalis in Darjeeling said they pray that every Dashain be as peaceful as this one. They also hoped that the peace talks between Maoists and Nepal government would be positive.