Dashain, peace bring more Nepalis home

Kapilbastu, September 28:

The number of Nepalis returning home from different cities of India to celebrate Dashain here has been increasing.

The peaceful environment in the country has encouraged more people, who had gone to India in search of jobs, to return home. Nearly 2,000 Nepalis return home daily from India through Krishnanagar of Kapilbastu. Many of them are found to have returned home after they learnt that the situation in their villages has improved following the initiation of peace process between the government and the Maoists. They had fled to India after they found it increasingly difficult to live in the villages and earn living due to the violence.

Most of the people entering Nepal through the Krishnanagar point are the permanent residents of Dang, Pyuthan, Gulmi, Arghakhanchi, Rolpa and Palpa districts. Pitambar Bhushal of Arghakhachi said he had decided to return this year to his home to celebrate Dashain after he learnt that there was peace in his village.