Nepalgunj, January 14:

Promising enough funds and security to the chairmen and vice-chairmen of district development committees (DDCs) of the mid and far-western regions for smooth conduct of municipal elections, Minister of Local Development, Tanka Dhakal, has urged the latter to conduct the municipal elections at any cost. Dhakal was speaking at the concluding session of the two-day orientation for DDC chairmen and vice-chairmen in Nepalgunj today.

“All the political parties are trying to disrupt the municipal elections,” Dhakal said, calling on the DDC chairmen and vice-chairmen to conduct the polls at any cost.

“Do not worry about security and expenses. Adopt the method that can be effective in conducting the polls.”

“You can spend money, but not for personal ends. The code of conduct will not bar you from spending money for the conduct of the elections,” Dhakal said, vowing to conduct the municipal elections at “any cost.”

Directing the chairmen and vice-chairmen, assistant minister of Local Development, Roshan Karki, said: “You have the responsibility to conduct the polls. The government is ready to provide any kind of support to you.”

The government is working out a strategy for the smooth conduct of the polls, Karki and Dhakal said. Meanwhile, speaking at another programme in Nepalgunj today, Dhakal said: “The largesse to be given by the government to the Dalits will depend on their participation in the elections.”

Urging the Dalits to field their candidates in the elections, he said: “The elections provide an opportunity to grab top posts.”