ITAHARI: Civil Society Itahari organised a farewell for those who left for Kathmandu to seek information on various development projects for the Itahari Municipality.

A delegation led by Jagadish Oli headed for Kathmandu on Monday. Earlier, the government had announced to develop Itahari as a model city and invested Rs 60 million for the same. However, the projects have not been completed yet.

The team would hence pressure the government to complete the projects on stipulated time. The delegation has also asked for a regional stadium in Itahari.

The delegation includes, representatives of political parties, representatives of chamber of commerce and industries, representatives of city development committees, journalists, and players among others.

In a press meet prior to their departure, secretary of Nepali Congress, Tamari, Tirtha Parajuli accused that some ministers were hatching conspiracies against a regional stadium in Itahari. He also stressed to return all the developmental projects under periodic plans of 10 years fixed for Itahari Municipality. Parajuli added, “we should bring back the projects at any cost.''

He also informed that Ministry for Physical Planning and Works halted the budget citing the need of public participation in the projects. He, however, added, “The staffers at the ministry had tried to run the projects on contract basis but we protested, so it held up the project.''

Meanwhile, protest programmmes have been announced to press the government for the purpose.