Demoted judge to work at appellate court

Kathmandu, September 19:

The demoted SC Judge Paramananda Jha is ready to work as the Chief Judge of the Biratnagar Appellate Court, Supreme Court registrar Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena told journalists today.

“Judge Jha told me today he is ready to work again as the appellate court judge when I met him to inform him about the decision of the Judicial Council not to extend his tenure as an apex court judge,” Timalsena said.

The Judicial Council had decided not to extend Jha’s tenure as an ad hoc judge of the apex court because he had “improperly” freed a drug-peddler, Dil Bahadur Gurung, one-and- a-half-years ago, overturning the Kathmandu District Court and Patan Appellate Court orders to jail him.

Police had caught Gurung while he was trying to send 679 Kg of marijuana to Holland. Dr Timalsena added the apex court would send him to the appellate court after Dashain. “I will handed him a letter after Dashain as the court will be closed in three days for Dashain,” he added.