Dengue cases on the rise in Dhadingbesi

DHADING: The number of dengue cases is on the rise in Dhadingbesi and its adjourning areas, District Health Office Dhading said.

To control outbreak of the disease, the District Health Office Dhading has mobilised health professionals to the affected areas in the district.

"The district hospital is witnessing 2-3 cases on a daily basis steeming a outbreak of the disease in the district," District Health Office warned.

Large number of health professionals, local social activists and security personnel have been mobilised to create public awareness against the disease in the district.

The mobilised teams have urged local community to destroy mosquito breeding grounds as they battle the spread of dengue that has infected at least 3 people on a daily basis in the area.

Dr. Krishna Lal Upreti at the District Hospital stressed all the affected community to unite to curb the spread of the disease.

Meanwhile, the teams have urged all the affected community and its adjourning areas to clean their surrounding and wipe out puddles.

More than 22 people with dengue have been referred to Kathmandu for further treatment.

On an average 50 people with high fever are visiting district hospital for treatment.

Female aedes mosquito are responsible for transmitting viral disease to human.