Dengue under control in Chitwan

RATNANAGAR: Dengue has come under control in Chitwan, with no record of any one being infected with the mosquito-borne disease in the past three months.

As of May/June in the previous fiscal year, of the 1770 people who underwent tests for suspected Dengue, 119 were found carrying it. However, since then, no reports of infection have been confirmed, said pest control inspector at the District Public Health Office, Chitwan Ram Kumar KC.

The office had initiated a campaign to destroy mosquito larva and pupa in a door-to-door initiative in Bharatpur Sub-metropolis.

Of the 119 infected last fiscal, 51 were from Chitwan and 27 from Bharatpur Sub-metropolis while the remaining from outside.

The risk of infection however is higher after the monsoon and hence doctors have alerted all to remain away from it.

Five people had died of Dengue in Chitwan in the fiscal year 2010/11 and another in 2012.