DEO seeks action against 122 schools

Siraha, June 8

District Education Office Siraha has urged the District Administration Office to take action against as many as 122 private schools operating illegally in different parts of the district.

A total of 122 schools  were listed for action, after a team that comprised officials from District Education Office, Guardians’ Association and journalists of the locality monitored a total of 178 schools.

As many as 38 schools were found operating without registration, and 84 were running higher level classes than they are permitted,  according to District Education Officer Arbinda Lal Karna.

Mithila Academy, Saraswoti English Boarding School, New Shishu Niketan, and Shubhashree English Boarding School, among others, have been found playing foul.

DEO Karna said that they had written to the administration urging action for the defiance shown by the schools despite frequent notifications. According to Karna, Rs 25,000 fine will be imposed on the schools for the first time. If they are still found not abiding by the directives, they will be slapped Rs 100,000 fine, besides, a six-month jail term and if they still continue with their ways, all their properties will be seized.

It is said that scores of agents have been active and they have started assuring the school owners that they don’t have to bother much as they could influence the monitoring team in their favour. The agents have collected from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 to help run the schools without any interference.

Meanwhile, DEO Karna urged all the concerned not to be influenced by such people, and requested them to fulfil all the legalities.