‘Despite irregularities, hard to take action on NOC land deal’

Biratnagar, August 28

Minister for Supply Shiva Kumar Mandal today said it was hard to take action against the land purchase deal of Nepal Oil Corporation, the country’s sole oil importer and distributor, despite irregularities seen while meeting all necessary official processes while purchasing land.

Speaking to journalists at a press meet in Biratnagar today, Minister Mandal said the process of collecting evidence about irregularities in the purchase deal against Managing Director Gopal Khadka was difficult.

He also said the Public Account Committee of the Parliament and the ministry are preparing to form separate panels to investigate the land purchase deal. “The land purchase deal has met all necessary legal processes, hence, it is very hard to take action against the stakeholders,” said Mandal.

He also said the ministry alone could not do everything. Hence, he had sought everybody’s support for investigation and action. “If anybody is found guilty, stern action will be taken against hi/her,” said minister Mandal.

Meanwhile, Mandal said they had failed to distribute the rice they had in their godown. “Though the chief district officers in all the flood-hit districts, except Morang, were directed to distribute the rice available at Food Corporation, they have not been following instructions,” said Mandal. He questioned on the intention of the officials of the food corporation.