Deuba doubts NC’s strength

Pokhara, January 14

Senior Nepali Congress leader and former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba today argued that Nepali Congress could not stand as the strongest party as the party leadership had treated a faction of the party’s leaders like an opponent force.

“Election within a party is normal in democracy.

But treating the defeated faction like an opponent is wrong. Striking a balance in the party is the key role of the party president, but he has failed to this regard,” he said hinting at party president Sushil Koirala.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of a two-day orientation and training programme of the party today in Pokhara, Deuba urged party leaders to give a message of party unity in the upcoming 13th general convention.

Hinting that he would file his candidacy for party president in the convention, Deuba said he would work for party unity by giving capable persons the right responsibilities.

He stressed that the government required to take immediate initiatives to address the genuine demands of the agitating Madhesi forces to relieve the country from the prolonged political deadlock.

He said, “Constitution amendment bills should be passed before the general convention of the party.

As people across the country have been suffering from dearth of everyday essentials, import of those items along with petroleum products should be made easy.

Hence, Nepali Congress should step up soon,” he said.

Nepali Congress central members Kamala Panta and Arjun Joshi among others had put their views too.