Deuba positive on PLA merger

SINDHULIMADI: Senior leader of Nepali Congress and former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on Saturday said that the qualified Maoist combatants could be integrated in the different security bodies.

Speaking to the media persons in Sidhuli, Deuba said,” There is no no need of disputing over the integration of PLA fighters since it is clearly mentioned in the Comprehensive Peace Accord."

The NC leader said that the new statute could be drafted within the stipulated time if the UCPN-Maoist cooperates. He, however, claimed that his party would continue supporting the Madhav Kumar Nepal led government.

He also said that the present government could topple only if the UCPN-Maoist could gain majority in the parliament. Claiming that a strengthened NC could safeguard democracy, the former PM said, '' It is first the history that the NC could not get majority votes in the CA poll.'' Accusing the Unified CPN-Maoist of trying to impose totalitarianism, he directed party cadres be alert of Maoists’ activities.