Development wave will sweep across nation: KP Sharma Oli

Urlabari, June 20

CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli today said that the constitution would be implemented at any cost by taking the Singha Durbar-centric rights to the villages after bringing those trying to escape from the election on board the election process.

At a corner meeting organised in Krishna temple at Damak, Chairman Oli said that the CPN-UML has been making a plan to take forward the wave of development across the nation after receiving majority votes of the people in first phase of local level elections.

He claimed that his party would get 65 per cent votes in Province 1 as it had got 45 per cent votes in three provinces in the first round of elections despite the alliance of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-Maoist Centre.

Similarly, CPN-UML leader Agni Kharel, former mayor of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Keshav Sthapit, among others, argued that victory of the CPN-UML was necessary to make the country prosperous.