Dhakal blames leaders for corruption

Himalayan News Service

Pokhara, May 2:

Government spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communication, Tanka Dhakal, today accused political leaders of embezzling foreign donation in the years after the restoration of democracy.

Addressing an interaction on peace and democracy organised by the Civic Society of Kaski

here, Dhakal said: “After the restoration of democracy, foreign countries provided millions of

rupees for the development of the country, but the leaders swindled that away.”

He said people had to undergo hardships despite having a democratic system in place because of the leaders’ misconduct. “The Maoists were born due to weak administration and failure to fulfil the promises made to the people.”

He claimed the king was working to bring good governance in the country by solving the problems of corruption and Maoists.

“The king has said the municipal election would take place this year and the government is ready to hold free and fair polls,” Dhakal said, adding that the king was planning to institutionalise democracy.

He said the terrorist activities had lessened in the last three months because of clear government policy.

Dhakal accused the political parties of calling economic sanctions in the country.