Dhangadi reduces integrated property tax

Dhangadi, August 18

Dhangadi Sub-metropolis has decided to reduce the integrated property tax following sharp public criticism.

The sub-metropolis has reduced the integrated property tax from 25 to 28 per cent saying that the tax imposed earlier was unscientific. “We reduced the interrelated property tax by 15 per cent from the first municipal assembly after we were elected,” said Mayor Nripa Bahadur Odd. He added that the tax was reduced by 10 to 13 per cent from the third municipal assembly. Odd added that the tax was reduced as per the evaluation of the land. “We tried to expand the scope of the tax rather the rate of the tax,” he clarified.

A local, Sagar Bhandari, at Dhangadi’s Shivnagar said they got relief after the sub-metropolis reduced the tax. “I paid the tax this year less than the last year,” he said. He said the current tax system seems more scientific. Similarly, the sub-metropolis has not increased the tax in all the goods and services except alcohol.

Administrative Officer at the sub-metropolis Santa Bahadur Sunuwar said the tax imposed on people in the fiscal 2074/75 BS was finalised. “The municipal will not have to increase the tax if the present tax collection system is managed,” he added. Sunuwar said no citizens have to pay for citizenship form. “Earlier, Rs 25 was charged to the service seekers for the same,” he informed.