Dhankuta CCI padlock still on

Dhankuta, December 19

Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Youth Self-employment Office have been padlocked for the past 10 days now.

The offices were padlocked over a dispute stemming from the election schedule published after conclusion of Dhankuta CCI’s 45th general assembly.

The lockout was first done by entrepreneurs espousing communist ideology on December 9, seeking that election be held only after distributing new memberships. Separately, on December 16, other entrepreneurs supporting democratic ideology also hung their own padlock on the CCI office.

Though there have been frequent meetings with the disputing parties at the initiative of Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Ghimire, the issue is yet to be resolved.

“As entrepreneurs carrying different ideologies stuck to their guns, no consensus could be reached,” said the CDO, clarifying that breaking the lock open was beyond the administration’s jurisdiction.

“This is a matter related to the CCI, so the same body must resolve it. We don’t want to be dragged into the dispute unnecessarily,” said the CDO.

Meanwhile, with the lockout on the main gate where the CCI is based continuing, the same has affected the scheduled election of the CCI. It has also affected daily work of Youth Self-employment Office housed in the same building.