Dharan transport workers protest assault on driver

DHARAN: Protesting an assault on a bus driver by police personnel, transport workers in Dharan brought public transport to a grinding halt for four hours today.

The transport workers were protesting police personnel's assault on bus driver Rabin Darji for picking up passengers in front of Ram Mandir, a no-stop area, in Dharan.

The irate workers halted public transport by parking their vehicles on the roads for hours. They also demonstrated against the police and gheraoed the additional police force that had come to the area for clearing the obstruction created by the workers.

Meanwhile, Nepal Free Transport Workers' Union Koshi Zone deputy-chairman Bhim Rai 'Jwala' said police had assaulted the driver in the manner that was used to suppress the activities of the Recovering Group, the group that had vandalised the police post, a month ago.

He also said that though the driver had committed mistake, the police had demonstrated brutality by assaulting the driver in a public place. He also warned that all the transport workers will launch an agitation if the police did not stop its brutal activities against the commoners in the name of suppressing unlawful activities of the Recovering Group. Other Dharan-based transport workers unions have

also expressed solidarity against the brutality of police by issuing a press release. In the press release, they said that the police had ignored the rule of law.

However, protesters withdrew their protest programme after Police Inspector at Area Police Office, Dharan, Durga Dahal and traffic police head Roshan Acharya promised to take action against the police men who had assaulted the driver. The accused police men Jit Bahadur Bista, Prem Bahadur Shrestha, Lok Bahadur Raut and Thir Bahadur Bhattarai apologised for their act.