Diarrhoea claims five lives

Rautahat/Siraha, October 23:

Diarrhoea claimed the lives of five persons in Rautahat and Siraha districts today.

Two persons died due to diarrhoea in Rautahat today. The deceased are Shekh Mustaka’s three year-old daughter, Aphasana Khatun of Jigadwa Belabichhawa-3 and 35-year old Manatoria Devi of Gangapripa-6. According to a family source, both died due to the lack of proper treatment.

Diarrhoea has already claimed the lives of 18 persons in Rautahat alone.

A report from Udaypur said two women from the same family died of diarrhoea today. They have been identified as Urbashi Khatiwada, 42, and Chudamaya Khatiwada, 65, of Sorungabise VDC-9. The disease has been fast spreading in the area for last few days and more than 20 villagers are undergoing treatment in primary health centre at Katari.

Meanwhile, Krish Yadav, 8, son of Lattha Yadav of Khajanpur, Itatar-1, Siraha, died due to the disease.

He was being treated in his home itself, Lattha Yadav said.

A local, Bikaya Yadav, said diarrhoea has badly affected people in ward numbers seven, eight

and nine of Pipra VDC.

Two daughters-in-law and a son of Rajdev Sharma of Pipra VDC-9 are also seriously ill.

Bhulla Yadav (14), Dhanbir Yadav (10), Shyamkumari Yadav(18), Anita Yadav (16), Sitaram Yadav (27) and several others from Khajanpur Tole of Itatar-1 are also suffering from diarrhoea for the last three days. Local health officials have administered saline water to them and the villagers here are feeling increasingly unsafe due to lack of doctors, said Shrawan Yadav, a local resident. Dr Rajkumar Chaudhary, chief of the district health office, Siraha, said a group of doctors and physicians were provided with necessary medicines this afternoon.

Consumption of contaminated fish brought by the floods might be the reason behind spreading of the disease, locals here said.