Different party lines hindering Maoist unity

Kathmandu, March 21

Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had once said at a function that left forces in Nepal had split not because of ideological differences but due to the influence of imperialists and other foreign forces.

But today, his statement has proved wrong because differences between the two Maoist parties regarding the line of the parties were so vast that they have not been able to manage them despite several attempts.

CPN-Revolutionary Maoists led by Mohan Baidhya has been mulling over the movement for a New Democratic Revolution, but the UCPN-M claims that the New Democratic Revolution is already over and the country has already begun the journey of Socialist revolution. Secretary of the CPN-RM Dev Prasad Gurung said having different political line and that too as contrasting as the two Maoist parties, would lead the parties towards opposite directions.

During the recently held central committee meeting of UCPN-M, leaders had urged the leadership to manage the political line before unification though they all said unity was a must.

One central committee member Renu Chand said the ball was now on the court of CPN-RM.

Chand further said it wouldn’t be acceptable if Baidhya urges cadres to burn the new constitution within days after party unity.

CPN-RM leaders specially Chairman Mohan Baidhya and Vice-chairman C P Gajurel were for bringing the UCPN-M to their political line instead of accepting their line for unity.

Source claimed that General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa was preparing a differing view on Chairman Baidhya’s political document regarding party unity and he would present his views during the upcoming central committee meeting of the party slated to begin after a few days.

Thapa, who leads a significant number of leaders and cadres who wish early unity with the UCPN-M, has been mulling a middle path — National People’s Democracy — but that was rejected by Baidhya and his supporters, who termed it a pendulum without a base.

Gurung also said how can one create a different path between two set political lines.

On the other hand, CPN-RM leader Kul Prasad KC has also been leading a campaign of ‘great debate’ for narrowing down the two contrasting political lines of the two Maoist parties. General Secretary of Revolutionary Communist Party Mani Thapa said his party, along with Matrika Yadav-led CPN (Maoist) would unite with UCPN-M within a few months even if the leaders of CPN-RM failed to patch up differences.