DIG’s plan to end impunity in month

BIRATNAGAR: Bhisma Prasain, Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Eastern Regional Police Office, said that he would guarantee people’s security within a month in case he got support from all sides.

Speaking at a press meet here in Biratnagar Sunday , DIG Prasain underscored the need of commitment by political parties to end the prevalent impunity.

“Give me support and I will bring to an end the snowballing events of bandhs and lawlessness rife in the eastern districts, within a month,” he claimed.

The DIG assumed his office here just a week ago.

“The political parties should give me the commitment in written form,” Prasain said, adding, “I will immediately leave this place if I can’t end the culture of impunity within this period.”

Mentioning that the people of eastern region have long been hit hard by concatenated strikes and bandhs, he said his first priority was to relieve them.

“The police arrest criminals but are compelled to leave soon after the political parties exert pressure for their release and also threaten of organising indefinite strikes,” he said.

He also said he had recommended the Home Ministry to suspend CDOs, police chiefs and armed police chiefs of the concerned districts in case they failed to reopen road blockade within 15 minutes. He, however, bemoaned as the government was not serious to end the people’s suffering. DIG Prasain attributed the feeble security situation to lack of sufficient manpower in the police organisation.

“Going by the existing number, a policeman has to give security for 756 persons, which is impossible,” he said. “A policeman can work effectively if the proportion is 1:400.”