Dipayal reeling under water crisis

DIPAYAL: Residents of Pulbazaar in Dipayal, Silgadi municipality are facing a hard time due to shortage of drinking water.

Each month, the locals pay the water tariff to Drinking Water Consumer’s Committee although no water is supplied to the taps.

In 1981, a water camp was established in Dipayal when late king Birendra Shah visited. The same water channel has been supplying water to Pulbazaar, Dwarikatole, Majhitole, Airport, Regional Police Office, Police Training Centre for the past 32 years.

“Though we have informed the authority about the water crisis several times, no initiative has been taken in this regard so far,” complained local Karna Bahadur Dwarika.

Man Bahadur Khadka, chairman of the Consumer’s Committee, said supplying water  to each household was not possible as the water source and pipe were in a dilapidated state.

“The tariff collected from consumers is just enough to repair water pipes,” he said.

The consumer’s committee admitted they had collected  water tariff from consumers despite failure to supply water. He, however, said the revenue was not misappropriated.

There are around 700 consumers in the district headquarters who have been greatly affected by the water crisis.

Earlier, Regional Monitoring and Supervision Office, Dipayal, had come up with a new drinking water project to be constructed at a cost of 11 million rupees. However, the project was scrapped due to dispute among consumers three years ago, said Prakash Rawal, an engineer at the office. He said they were planning to introduce a new water project for Pulbazaar area only. Rawal claimed that the prolonged water shortage could be resolved in Dipayal region if the project was launched from Dwarikhola. “We have not been able to run Pulbazaar Drinking Water Project due to budget crunch,” said Rawal.

The plan to proclaim the district an open defecation free zone has been affected due to the extended water crisis, informed Regional Monitoring and Supervision Office, Dipayal.