Diplomats’ security top priority, says govt

Kathmandu, June 3:

The government said today it is fully committed and sensitive to the issue of security of diplomats.

This response came in connection with the statement issued on Friday by the US Embassy on behalf of 15 diplomatic missions.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arjun Bahadur Thapa said today that the Ministry has not received any official information regarding the statement issued on behalf of the diplomatic community.

Stating that he came to know about the matter only through the media, he said the government is sensitive towards ensuring security of foreign diplomats.

He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was constantly coordinating with the Ministry of Home Affairs to put adequate arrangements in pace for security of diplomats.

Meanwhile, German ambassador to Nepal, Franz Ring, said: “It is not to my knowledge that the diplomatic community has formally sent a letter to the government of Nepal calling for security”.

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, US Ambassador to Nepal James F Moriarty, made it clear at a press conference here yesterday that all the embassies have not been included as the ambassadors of some of the countries had stated their inability to sign the joint statement without the approval of their governments. Moriarty also said some members of the Diplomatic Corps had stated that they would seek approval from their capitals. He, however, said that all members of the Diplomatic Corps have agreed in principle to the statement.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Home Affairs Baman Prasad Neupane said the government is ready to tighten security arrangements if diplomatic missions call for the same.