Direct, faster connectivity within a year

Sunsari, September 23

Sunsari’s Dharan sub-metropolis and Morang’s Keraberi Rural Municipality will be connected directly by a rural road within a year.

Construction of the 15-kilometre rural road section from Panbari of Dharan Bazaar to Kerabari is going on in full swing. With the completion of the road, Sunsari and Morang districts, which are separated by the Budhikhola River, will establish a faster road link.

The locals have been facing problems due to lack of road access. They are compelled to reach Kerabari from Dharan’s Panbari on a rough road.

People can reach different cities of Sunsari easily from Keraberi after construction of the road.

Keraberi Rural Municipality took the initiative to construct the road from Chokti of Sunsari to Amrit Chowk of Keraberi Rural Municipality. Ward No 6 Chair Upendra Lungeli Magar of the municipality said that the road construction was in full swing after budget was managed from the rural municipality and the Parliament fund. He added the road would be completed within this fiscal.

Shah Shree Krishna JV was awarded the contract of Rs 10.64 million for timely construction of the road.

Ward Chair Lungeli said that Rs 10 million was provided by lawmaker Ghanashyam Khatiwada from his Parliament fund.  “The locals’ life would become easier after completion of the road.”