Biratnagar, April 19

Two months after formation of the government in Province 1, the PA members have formally started discussions on the province’s name and capital.

Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai held discussions with leaders of opposition forces about the permanent province capital, its name and budget today.

Nepali Congress leader Rajib Koirala, Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal’s Jaya Ram Yadav and PA members were present at the discussion. CM Rai urged the leaders of opposition parties to cooperate for the sake of development and prosperity. He said he held discussions with opposition leaders to learn their views on the permanent capital and name. He said the provincial government would play the role of facilitator and these issues would be finalized on the basis of consensus.

Meanwhile, the main opposition Nepali Congress parliamentary leader Rajib Koirala said that his party would make public its views about the name and capital soon. Another opposition party — the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal parliamentary party leader Jaya Ram Yadav said that his party was clear about these issues and added that there was no alternative to Biratnagar as capital of Province 1.

Ruling CPN-MC parliamentary party leader Tanka Angbuhang said that Province 1 was lagging behind in finalising the capital and name of the province.