Dispute over Junichande RM’s headquarters inconveniencing locals

Jajarkot, January 15

All the administrative works of Junichande Rural Municipality in Jajarkot are being carried out from the district headquarters Khalanga even though the local level elections were held three years ago.

The locals have failed to get their work done at the local levels as the rural municipality staffers have been providing  service from the district headquarters Khalanga. The dispute regarding  nomenclature of the centre of the rural municipality — whether to keep it at Luhadaha or Sanakhola — is yet to be resolved.

The rural municipality’s centre has to be declared within six months after declaration of the election result. Two-thirds majority of the rural assembly is needed to declare the centre if it is not decided within six months after declaration of the election result.

Rural municipality Chairman Krishna Bahadur KC claimed that the rural municipality centre was finalised at Luhadaha by two-thirds vote of the rural assembly. He said the decision had yet to be implemented as a disgruntled group had filed a case at the Supreme Court saying that the decision was unfair.

The locals at the rural municipality have been facing problems as the court has not yet given the verdict.

Some representatives said Sanakhola was the appropriate place for the rural municipality centre. Following the dispute,staffers did not go to the village for two years. Service-seekers are compelled to reach the headquarters even for minor works.

Chief Administrative Officer Sarbadal Shahi of the rural municipality said the staffers did not like to go to their duty station and work for the people and had defied the direction of the authority concerned. He said the problems occurred due to the dispute among people’s representatives.

There’s dispute among people’s representatives from the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and others regarding the nomenclature of the centre of the rural municipality. The representatives, including the chairman, said the village assembly had decided on Luhadaha as the centre of the rural municipality and urged all and sundry to follow the decision made by two-thirds majority of the village assembly.

Meanwhile, Ward No 9 Chairman Ram Bahadur Shahi said wrong publicity had been made regarding the centre of the rural municipality at Luhadaha.