Damak, February 12:

The disqualified PLA fighters in the PLA’s First Division headquarters in Chulachuli of Ilam are anxious about their future as preparations are made to discharge them from the cantonments.

While the Unified CPN-Maoist and its sister organisations are busy in celebrating the People’s War Day, the disqualified PLA fighters staying in different camps are deeply concerned

about their future.

Those who are already married and have kids are more worried about the future than those who are still single. They say there should be proper arrangement for their livelihood before discharging the disqualified fighters from the camps, by recognising their role in bringing about the current changes in the country.

Barsha, a PLA fighter in Chulachuli camp, says no fighter should be discharged from the camp just because UNMIN disqualified him/her. “Contribution of all fighters should be counted and arrangement should be made for an easy life of the PLA fighters who had a glorious past,” she said. She added that the government should arrange employment and skill training to the fighters to be discharged from the cantonments.

Susma, another fighter, said they should be made competent to lead life by providing them education and skill training. “How could we eke out a living if we are ousted from the camp on the ground that we were not verified? The government should address the issue on time,” she said.

There are some 400 married women fighters, along with their children, in the First Division, a source said.

Saying that PLA fighters fought for the country and the people, Karma, another PLA fighter, said, “The contribution of PLA fighters must not be taken for granted. The party should bring special plan for the disqualified fighters.”

A youth from Damak who deserted the PLA after he was disqualified b the UNMIN said he has joined a higher secondary school. “I left the camp as I was disqualified in the first phase of verification. However, most of my friends who were disqualified are still in the camps,” he said.

A total of 3,221 fighters were verified by UNMIN during its first phase of verification in the First Division.