District court fines woman for forgery

Khotang, May 14

A woman who forged land transaction documents to extort a huge amount of money out of a family in Khotang has been brought to justice and asked to pay half the amount she sought to extort as a fine to the court.

Khotang District Court ordered Gaumaya Rai of Khartamchha-2 to pay a sum of Rs 4.5 lakhs in fine to the court for forgery and presentation of a fake document that said that Kirtamani Rai’s family still owed her Rs 8.5 lakhs in a land deal.

Gaumaya had sold 6.1 annas of land to Kirtamani Rai of Khartamchha-8 about seven years ago for a sum of Rs 15 lakhs before she left for Saudi Arabia. The woman and her family then filed a case in the district court, claiming that Kirtamani still owed them Rs 8.5 lakh.

The district court passed a verdict in Gaumaya’s favour four years ago, after which Kirtamani’s family went to the appellate court. In its verdict, the appellate court ordered the district court to scrap its previous verdict after it was found that the lower court had not verified the thumb impressions on the forged document.

The issue had reached the court after Gaumaya’s family stopped Kirtamani’s wife from building a house in the land, showing the fake document as proof that they were yet to complete payment of the deal.