Divorce cases up in Dhading

Dhading, December 8

As many as 94 divorce cases have been filed in Dhading District Court after the new Civil Code came into effect. Of them, 27 cases were filed by male migrant workers who had returned home.

Many males accused their wives of mismanaging household affairs and establishing extramarital relations, among other things. The district court said most of the cases filed at the court lately were related to divorce. Children of divorced parents have been deprived of parental love and affection as a result. Lawyer Tanka Kumar Shrestha said rising number of divorce cases had put a question mark on the sanctity of matrimonial relations.

According to the central department of civil registration, around 50 per cent divorce cases had been registered at the local levels. As many as 2,283 divorce cases were filed in courts across the country in 2016. Around 150 couples got separated across the country on a monthly basis.