Doctors taking duties for granted, say stakeholders

Pokhara, March 29

Western Regional Hospital Pokhara Medical Superintendent Shree Krishna Shrestha today said service seekers had to face various hassles due to negligence on the part of doctors at the health facility.

Speaking at an interaction organised on the hospital premises in Ramghat of Pokhara today, Shrestha complained that doctors at the hospital had been negligent despite his frequent requests to be punctual, dutiful and dedicated in providing medical service to the patients.

“As the doctors here have turned deaf ears to my requests, we have no option but to seek help either from the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority of the regional administrator,” he said.

He added that a large number of service seekers were compelled to visit private health facilities despite adequate manpower and equipment at the regional hospital.

“They are compelled to pay exorbitant fees for laboratory tests and ultra sound services at other hospitals for want of effective service at our hospital,” he said.

“Keeping in mind the growing incidents of assault on doctors, we have ceased admitting patients with complexities of late.

In case of complex cases, we refer such patients to other health facilities. We don’t want to risk the lives of our employees as the patients’ relatives vandalise the hospital and assault doctors if a patient dies during or after surgery,” he said.

At least 17 women deliver new babies through caesarean surgery every day whereas around six other operations are conducted at the hospital on a daily basis.

Western Regional Administrator Shankar Koirala warned of stern action against doctors who turn negligent towards their duties. “The administration will be compelled to take action against those doctors not complying with their duties,” said Koirala.

Meanwhile, Western Regional Health Director Tara Prasad Poudel said doctors working in state owned health facilities were not allowed to work elsewhere. “But I have heard that doctors and other health workers work in multiple clinics and health facilities,” he said.

He also warned of stringent action against such medical practitioners.

The regional hospital has a total of 325 beds and provides services to more than 700 patients every day. There are 100 quota doctors while 46 doctors have been managed from private sources. Of them, as many as 25 doctors are specialists.

As per the government rule, a doctor must serve from 9:00am to 2:00pm at all cost.

However, many of them reach the health facilities later and leave the hospital earlier than their fixed time, according to majority of participants at the interaction.