Dolakha CDO accused of corruption

Dolakha, December 5

It was revealed that the chief district officer of Dolakha has been allegedly involved in irregularities while settling cases under his office’s jurisdiction.

As per a recent revelation, CDO Khagendra Prasad Rijal sought Rs 100,000 in fine from Kumar Lama Moktan of Melung Rural Municipality-4 over a public offence case, but

issued a receipt of only Rs 10,000, keeping the rest of the amount with himself.

The irregularity became public when Lama, showing the receipt, shared his experience with journalists in CDO Rijal’s office in Rijal’s presence today.

Dolakha District Police Office had arrested Lama under a public offence case 24 days ago.

According to sources, following a trial hearing, Lama’s wife Renu Tamang had handed 100,000 rupees to the CDO to secure Lama’s release but got a receipt of only 10,000 rupees. When she reached the CDO’s office seeking an answer regarding the remaining amount, the latter reportedly handed Rs 90,000 to Lama’s wife, requesting her not to make the matter public.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that the CDO was also involved in such activities in the past. As per reports, he had received Rs 35,000 from Indra Bahadur Tamang and Udim Tamang of Kalinchowk Rural Municipality over a public offence case on Tuesday, but provided them a receipt of only 14,000 rupees.

At today’s meeting with journalists, the victims said they had to grease the palm of a high official such as a CDO while settling even an ordinary case.

CDO Rijal argued he had taken the 90,000 rupees to give it as compensation to the victim in the case related to Lama. “It’s true I had kept Rs 90,000 but it was for compensation for the victim of the case.

As Lama’s wife came to my quarters to inquire about the money the next day, I returned her the amount,” said Rijal. The CDO also said he had returning the extra amount taken from the Tamang duo in another case.