Domestic violence soars in Lamjung

LAMJUMG: Despite protest, cases of violence against women and children are increasing in Lamjung district.

According to the female shell of the District Police Office (DPO), Lamjung, all together 69 complaints were registered against domestic violence in the fiscal year 2014/15.

Nandu Adhikari, head of the female shell said that three more complaints were registered at the DPO this year.

Most of the cases used to be resolved in agreement.

Among the cases lodged, three are under consideration at a local court and investigation into 26 cases is still underway.

Adhikari said that among the cases lodged at the DPO, most of them were related to polygamy, assault and household dispute among others.

She further said that foreign employment is the main reason behind escalating violence.

Police said that illicit relationship of women in absence of husbands is also one of the reasons behind the incidents.

Different awareness programmes have been organised in the district to decrease the violence, but to no avail.