Pokhara, July 29:

CPN-UML standing committee member Jhalanath Khanal said here today that nobody should launch any kind of agitation which would hinder the ongoing peace and the democratic process.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the Press Chautari Kaski in Pokhara, Khanal said that the nation was moving towards peace and a democratic process and that nobody should try to foil it.

Asked about the agitation launched by the civil society for elections to a constituent assembly, Khanal said that everyone should support the demand. Khanal also warned that against the backdrop of a nation gripped in 237 years of feudalism and 12 years of conflict, decisions should not be taken in haste.

Stating that the agitation would continue until the mandate of the Janandolan is achieved, Khanal added that civil society’s stir is merely a continuation of the Janandolan. He also accused the present government of betraying people’s aspirations. The people’s aspirations now are restoration of peace, constituent assembly and action against the suppressors of the Janandolan, Khanal said.

He added that society had started its protest afresh since the government was delaying fulfilling all three demands. Khanal added that the people would not rest until appropriate action is taken against all the suppressors of the Janandolan.

Stating that the 12-point and 8-point agreements between the seven party alliance and the Maoists have not been implemented sincerely by either side, Khanal said, “It is imperative to implement these sincerely in practice”.

The vice-chairman of Press Chautari Kaski Shyam Kunwar chaired the programme.