Don’t ignore us, plead puny parties

Kathmandu, June 6:

Twelve small parties, who did not win CA seats under the first-past- the-post system but secured PR seats, warned the big parties today not to overlook their role in the constitution-making process.

Organising a press conference here, the fringe parties accused the three major parties of demonstrating undemocratic culture by dividing parties under the seven-party alliance and the 13-party alliance.

They argued that the major parties should consult them before nominating 26 Constituent Assembly members.

The fringe parties said the 26 CA members should comprise well-known figures and

representatives of marginalised communities.

CA member from the Rastriya Janashakti Party Prakash Chandra Lohani accused the three big parties of demonstrating totalitarian character and fighting for power.

Bishendra Paswan, leader of the Dalit Janajati Party, said they should have a say in all major decisions like nominating 26 members and the constitutional-making process.

Pashupati SJB Rana, president of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, called on major three parties to concentrate on the constitution- making process rather than fighting for power and portfolios.

“They are overlooking the small parties, which is an undemocratic practice. They should immediately hold talks among all 25 parties and forge a consensus,” he said. “All parties should be involved in all processes. They should have representation in the cabinet.”

Chure Bhawar Ekata Samaj, Nepal Loktantrik Samjbadi Dal, Dalit Janajati Party, Communist Party of Nepal (Unified), Nepali Janata Dal, Nepal Pariwar Dal, Nastriya Janamukti Party, Nepal Prajatantrik Party Nepal, Rastriya Jana Shakti Party and Federal Democratic National Forum are among the 13 fringe parties.