Kathmandu, April 11:

Civil society representatives today accused the country’s major political parties of rushing into constituent assembly polls to get the desired results.

“Haste results in waste. The bigger parties have already decided the results of the CA polls and therefore they are trying to conduct the polls in a hurry,” said Shyam Shrestha.

Addressing a mass meeting organised by the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), Shrestha said the CA polls were not possible on the stipulated date. “It’s not possible technically and politically because the parties have not formulated any ordinance necessary to conduct the polls,” he said. He expressed solidarity to the ongoing movement of the indigenous nationalities.

Human rights activist Sushil Pyakurel said amendment to the interim constitution without consulting indigenous nationalities, Madhesis and Dalits would not be acceptable to the people. Dr Devendra Raj Pandey said the polls were not possible on the stipulated time. He also expressed solidarity to the movement of the indigenous nationalities.

NEFIN advisor Dr Om Gurung said the government had failed to provide security to the people living outside the valley.

He also said the eight parties are imposing an autocratic rule on the rest of the people. “The government has not included civil society and minorities in the decision making process,” he said, adding that the civil society members were aware of this situation long ago. “We had said that our real fight for our rights would begin after the fall of monarchy,” he said.

He also demanded proportional election system on the basis of ethnic population instead of the mixed election system as stated in the interim constitution.

Different groups of indigenous nationalities took out rallies from different parts of the valley which converged into a mass meeting at Bhadrakali.