Don’t spoil talks climate: Oli tells rebels

Kathmandu, May 21:

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister KP Oli said today the government would exercise maximum flexibility to create a conducive climate for the talks with the Maoists. But the Maoists, too, should refrain from activities that may spoil the talks environment, he added.

“We are ready to excercise maximum flexibility, but the Maoists should also refrain from carrying out the activities that may tarnish the talks’ climate,” Oli said while speaking at a programme organised to mark the 13th death anniversary of former UML general secretary Madan Bhandari and Jivraj Ashrit.

“The forced closure of the industries and the recruitment of people in the Maoists’ militia wihout their consent cannot create a conducive environment for talks. The Maoists need to be sincere for talks,” said the deputy prime minister.

He also accused the Maoist leadership of recruiting people into the People Liberation Army forcefully at a time when the State’s army has already been brought under the parliament’s control after May 18 declaration.

“The Maoists should have been the happiest lot after the HoR declaration. But they have instead smelt rat in the HoR’s announcement,” Oli, who is also a UML standing committee member, said.

He said the UML had joined the government to safeguard the achievements of the hard-earned democracy. Oli also assured the people that the government would do nothing to humiliate the party UML and let the people down.

He informed that the government had decided to form two committees to help the martyrs’ families and provide medical treatment and employment to those injured during the movement.