Donation spree terrorises businessmen in Itahari

Itahari, September 29:

The donation spree and threats from different armed groups of Nepal and India have unleashed terror among industrialists and businessmen in Itahari.

Madhesi Mukti Tigers, Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (Jayakrishna Goit), Madhesi Virus Killers, India’s infamous Dhirendra Yadav’s group and other armed groups in the Tarai are targeting the industrialists and businessmen in Itahari to extort money from them.

“Several criminal gangs have been demanding money ranging from Rs 25,000 to as much as Rs 5 million from businessmen here. Calling from cellphones, an armed group has threatened to take my life if I failed to give donation to it,” said Tanka Dulal, president of Itahari chamber.

He added that the armed groups have intensified their activities in the run up to Dashain festival.

Member of the Itahari chamber Sunil Agrawal said the armed groups had been threatening the businessmen of life if their demands were not met. According to businessmen, criminal gangs had been calling them over the phones claiming themselves to be the men of India’s infamous criminal Dhirendra Yadav.

The hapless businessmen today handed over a memorandum to Sunsari DAO demanding security to them and police action against the armed gangs.