Door-to-door NA hunt for diarrhoea

SURKHRT: In their last-ditch effort, medical teams of Nepali Army have started searching diarrhoea patients in their homes in Jajarkot and Rukum villages. The NA’s “search” follows the ineffective efforts of medical teams to tame the disease in the districts.

Dr Laxmiraj Pathak, focal person, Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control Division under the Ministry of Health, said the campaign had been undertaken in view of the decreasing patients at health camps but the continued deaths at households. The teams will make efforts to bring all the patients to camps. Pathak said the arrangement would benefit those who are unable to reach the camps on their own. Some patients are said to be unaware about the treatment camps.

The NA has started looking for patients in Punma, Suwanauli, Dasera, Salma, Thalaraikar, Jungathapachaur, Sima, Karkigaon, Jhapra, Bhur and Khalanga VDCs of Jajarkot district. In Rukum, such programme is on in Purtimkanda, Kotjahari, Chaurjahari, Kholagaun, Simli, Chiwang and Musikot VDCs.

NA health camps are located in Ramidanda, Karkigaun, Sima, Dasera and Dasera areas in Jajarkot. The camps have been set up in Arma and Purtim VDCs in Rukum.

Meanwhile, Nepal Health Research Council has started investigating into the causes of the epidemic. It will also look into effectiveness of the treatment being offered. The council today established its base camps in Surkhet. Team leader Dr Mahesh Maskey said they would study why the disease had not been controlled despite such efforts.