SARLAHI: Dr Baburam Bhattarai, vice chairman of the Unified CPN-Maoist, today said that there was no alternative to Maoist-led government to attain lasting peace in the country and accomplish the task of drafting a 'progressive' constitution.

Addressing a mass meet organised by the party today in Hariwan, Dr Bhattarai said, "UCPN-Maoist wants peace, not war.” He said that the party has not closed its door for negotiations yet. However, he warned that should their demands remained unfulfilled by the end of Tihar, the party would be compelled to launch its movement.

He also charged the ruling coalition of forcefully running the government even as they failed to garner people's support and confidence.

Dr Bhattarai also charged that the present government was running under the directions of foreigners. “UCPN-M will have no alternative to launching a decisive struggle if the puppet government did not improve its conduct," he said.

He argued that the nascent republic was at considerable risk from the supporters of feudalism, who he said were actively involved in conspiring the constituent assembly. "Dirty games are being played against people but the people will foil such attempts," Dr Bhattarai said.

He also accused the UML, NC and the Madhes-based parties of deceiving the Maoists and going against the spirit of federalism.

He also accused the government of going against the wishes of the people by discontinuing 'popular' programmes introduced by the Maoist-led government.