Doti short of qualified teachers

DIPAYAL: Lack of teachers in community schools in Doti district has adversely affected educational activities.

Many teaching positions are lying vacant in secondary, lower secondary and primary levels, Lokmani Joshi, chief, District Education Office, said, revealing that the situation persisted due to lack of sufficient qualified manpower.

“We had published vacancy announcement twice in local papers inviting applications for teachers of Science and Mathematics at secondary level.

However, we received no application at all,” Gyani Prasad Ojha, a teacher at Mahakali Secondary School at Gadsera in Doti said.

“We haven’t got teachers for English and Science though we published vacancy notices

in the newspapers,” said Dil Bahadur Bom, chairman, management committee of Kedar Akhada Secondary School.

The District Education Office had distributed

relief quotas of 36, 67 and 64 teachers in primary, lower secondary and secondary levels respectively this year.

According to officials, some qualified persons cannot join the field as they lack permanent teaching license, which is a mandatory for one to join the teaching.

“Sometimes, students lack textbooks while sometimes they lack teachers. In such context, how can students get quality education and pass the exams?” questioned Ram Prasad Updhayay, a local.

There are 394 community schools in Doti