Over a dozen villages at high risk of flood

Rautahat, July 23

More than a half dozen VDCs in Rautahat are at high risk of flood after the water level in the local Lalbakaiya and Bagmati rivers increased due to incessant rainfall in the hilly areas of the district.

The swollen Lalbakiya River has hit the eastern parts while Bagmati has hit the western parts of the district. Rautahat District Administration Office has requested the locals to adopt safety measures in order to avoid possible calamities. As the dam of the Bagmati River in Belbichhaya has become frail due to the increased water level, the village is at high risk of flood.

Similarly, locals at Katahariya, Bajaraha, Inaurwa, Laxminiya and Maryadpur, among other places of the district, are under the threat of flood after water level increased in the Lalbakaiya River.

Chief District Officer of Rauathat, Narahari Baral, said the locals have been urged to be cautious as water level has been increasing in both the rivers.

The Lalbakaiya River had destroyed the under construction dam of a bridge at Katahariya and Debahi VDCs. Baral said his office has been making efforts to protect the areas from erosion as the Bagmati River has eroded Badaharwa VDC and Lalbakaiya has eroded Debahi and Katahariya VDCs.

A local of Debahi, Binod Patel, said they have been living under constant threat of floods and landslides each year after Water Induced Disaster and River Control Division Office, Parasi failed to take any initiative to find a long-term solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, flood in the Jhajha River entered to human settlement in ward no 1, 2 and 3 of Pacharukhi VDC along with Saruattha, Pathara, Jetharhiya and Mithuawa among other places of the district.

CDO Baral said Nepal Police and Armed Police Force have been deployed in the affected areas to rescue the victims. He added that his office has directed the Water Induced Disaster and River Control Division Office to start disaster preparedness pronto.